Insert Knitting Blog Post Title Here

I purchased this Crazy Zauberball because I felt that I should teach my sock class with a yarn which the shop actually has in stock. (I didn’t want to waltz in there with a gorgeous ball of Wollmeise or even some Yarn Pirate, yanno?) Anyway, lately her sock yarn selection has left much to be desired and this was actually the only thing I really liked enough to purchase. So, I started knitting and knitting and knitting and this is all I have to show for it.

I feel badly that I don’t have more progress to show for it, too. I am just generally kind of stalled out on everything this week because I have been so fatigued, and, as much as I adore this yarn, I really feel like it wants to be something else. Wouldn’t it be a pretty little shawl or scarf? Once that idea was planted in my head, I found it really hard to keep on knitting socks. But honestly? I really do need a new pair of socks and I really DON’T need another scarf. (I am wearing the crap out of the last scarf I made, and I look fabulous doing it too.)