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As I type this I am sitting tacet at orchestra rehearsal, knitting and listening to the conductor rehearse everyone else in the Peer Gynt Suites (and trying to stay out of trouble; bored trombonists are often unintentionally disruptive to orchestra rehearsals). If I had a TARDIS I would go back in time and find out what exactly Grieg’s problem with trombones is. ALL THE OTHER BRASS sections actually play in this! I mean, what the hell Greig?!?!? Did some lady trombone player break your heart or something? Did a banker trombonist lose all your money in the stock market? Did a cattle rustling trombonist steal your cow? What is your problem with trombone players? Why single them out as the ONLY SECTION that doesn’t play? BLAAAAAARG!!! I’m coming for you Grieg. I’m going to to travel back in time and lose all your money in the stock market and then I’m going to steal your cow. RIGHT AFTER I BREAK YOUT HEART you trombone hating jerk wad. That’s right. I said it. Grieg is a jerk wad.