Sock Class is Over :-(

My sock class ended today and I graduated 4 new MLTU* sock knitters into the world! I’m sad to see them go, but I know they have all the tools they need to make socks! I might see them again, actually. They were all asking for another class, so I’m thinking of doing a top-down cardigan. (They were all quite shocked to learn that a cardigan can be knitted seamlessly from the top down (yes, sleeves and everything!)). I’m thinking of teaching a baby cardigan, or I could write up a pattern and have it sized from baby up through adult. Or, and this is probably what the shop owner would prefer, we could do a pattern which she carries in the shop which people would have to purchase. Possibly this? Or this? Personally I’d rather teach someone the basics of how to do something so that it can be translated into more complicated stuff later. And, with a baby cardigan (this is a good pattern) it could at least be done quickly. We’ll see. I’m supposed to look at my schedule and get back to her.

Now I can go back to knitting my cardigan (only one more sleeve decrease to go before knitting to the end of the sleeve and then I do the button bands/shawl collar!). So close to the end. So close!

Have a great weekend, ya’ll!

*Magic Loop, Toe Up