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Time Management Fail

So yup. It’s nearly 9 pm and there isn’t enough light left for a decent photo of the sleeve of my sweater. Which I totally have been working on, like ALL DAY. I swear. No, really.


Hey, look what I found on the Internet today!

It’s the Vlogbrothers! They’re pretty fucking cool if you haven’t seen them yet. Hank’s explanation of the nuclear disaster in Japan is excellent.

Speaking of the nuclear disaster in Japan, XKCD has a really interesting info graphic up, although at least one person I showed it to today thought it was too complicated. She called it a tc;dl. Hrm.

My mother-in-law just emailed me this movie:

That little girl deserves an Oscar. She reminds me of one of my favorite Ray Bradbury stories, actually (spoilers at the link, fyi).

Lastly, try to forget the chilling Ray Bradbury tale and watch this, the cutest thing on the Internet FOREVER AND EVER: