A Letter

My Dearest Monkey socks,

I could never stay mad at you for long. Your beautiful Tofutsies yarn in colorway 728 and delightful Cookie-designed lace are too delicious for me to resist. I’m so glad we made up. Even though I had to rip back your perfectly turned heel, attractive stockinette heel flap, and one repeat of the lace pattern, I still adore you. Thank you for being so forgiving of me. I know that our bond will be ever greater.

Your Knitter

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The Monkey socks are on a time-out.

I made a mistake and am now faced with either tinking back all of the gusset stitches and (possibly) re-doing the entire heel flap or living with break in the pattern repeat across the top of the foot. I am annoyed and I can’t decide, so I put the project on a time-out.

The Booga Bag is finished. Photo in the Gallery.

I have the best sister in the world.

Here’s what she gave me for my birthday.

I am so blessed to have a sister who gets me. Thanks again, Rachel!

Finally, the big news in our family as of Friday is that we got a Wii. Normally a new game system in our house would be quite unremarkable and not at all worth mentioning on a blog which is supposed to be devoted to knitting. However, check out this game that came as part of the bundle:

Everything except the person riding that cow is textured to look like knitting. How cool is that?

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Taking Care of Business

I’m actually getting knitting work done. Here is the Booga Bag:

It’s officially off the needles, but I haven’t felted it yet, so I’m not counting it as a FO. It’s in the laundry pile and will be felted tomorrow.

Here are the Monkey Socks when I started them a couple of days ago:

And here they are tonight:

I’ve started the heel flap and will probably finish the first sock this weekend. This is an awesome pattern. If you haven’t knit these up yet… Go. Go now and knit one up. I’ll wait. … … See? Isn’t is awesome? The pattern repeat looks very intricate, but it’s actually very simple. Thank you thank you thank you Cookie A. I love it.

I’ve also done another swatch for TKGA and reknit one of them. Photos of those to follow at a later time.

Lastly, we’ve had Doozer for almost 2 weeks now and he ROCKS. He fits in so well with our family, it’s like we’ve always had him.

Cool, right?

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A couple of things…

1. How many Knitters does it take to change a light bulb? Various answers found here.
2. Ever wondered what your GI tract would look like if it were made from knitwear?
3. I finished my sock swatch and the actual gauge is 32 sts & 44 rows = 4 inches. So, I settled on this pattern for my next pair of socks. Awesome, right? I guess I will try a toe-up sock some another time.