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Houston, we have a problem

I took yesterday off from knitting my Summer of Socks socks and instead read a fun Carl Hiaasen book. (Actually, I was already about halfway through the book, so I only read 1/2 the book yesterday.) I recommend anything by Hiaasen if you are in the mood for some fun, well-written light reading that does not involve muggles, firelizards, Aes Sedai, or any kind of spaceships.

Anyway, the reason I took the day off and read instead of knitted is because the jaywalker was on a timeout. The other night, I was knitting along, watching The Bourne Identity with Mr. Interrupted when I looked down and saw a hole. (When am I going to remember that I am supposed to be a knit blogger and that this is exactly the sort of thing I should be taking pictures of?) It was a massive hole surrounded by random, free-form decreases–I must have been tired. It was a mess, and I had to put the Jaywalker on a timeout while I thought about how to fix it.

I really did not want to rip back the sock, even a few rounds because, while I am capable of picking up the stitches, I find it incredibly tedious and didn’t feel like doing it. So this morning I started out by dropping the FUBAR stitches (it was three rounds’ worth).

Then, I took out my crochet hook and extra size zero needles and I started knitting up the dropped stitches.

I had to do a triple decrease instead of a double when I got to the top, but I think it’ll be OK. The intended recipient of these socks won’t notice.

I’m feeling a little tickled with myself, even though I’m positive I’m not the first knitter to fix a mistake this way. Now I can keep on knitting. At least until July 21st when I will probably end up reading instead of knitting.

4 thoughts on “Houston, we have a problem

  1. Nothing like being able to fix your own mistakes. Thanks when you know you are truly on your way to being a Master Knitter!

  2. I bow to your perseverance. A dropped stitch in a pattern is a recipe for frogging with me. I’m getting better at fixing, but not that good.

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