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Whew, I finally bound off the first of the Wildflower Socks (my 4th pair for Summer of Socks). While I love the result, this stitch pattern really slowed me down. Seriously, I went from finishing 3 pairs of socks in 2 weeks, to this single sock taking an entire week. WTF?


Weekend Fun

Few, if any, plans for the weekend? Try this.

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Whiskers on Wednesday+WIP=blog post

Posting has been rather light here at Chez Interrupted, so today I offer you a two for one. First, here’s my cat. You’ve seen him before.

This was about 5 seconds before he bit my leg. Oh yeah. Real funny.

And here’s my WIP:

Another sock for Summer of Socks (this will by my 4th pair).


Guess What!

Reality TV is not the place for making friends.

Doozer · Whiskers on Wednesday

Whiskers on Wednesday

Doozer’s deep dark secret:

box kitty

He’s a box kitty. As you can see, he also dabbles in feline art, specializing in post-modern cardboard deconstruction.