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The Flu Strikes

Warning: the following was written while in the throws of flu-induced fever. I cannot be entirely responsible for the content.

I’m sick. I’ve got all the classic symptoms. I haven’t knitted or written at all today. I watched Regis and Kelly, Rachael Ray, and The View before taking a nap. When I woke up I watched CNN until 4 pm (it was an eternity), at which point I switched over to Oprah. Followed by the 5 pm news, the 6 pm news, the 630 “world” news and then the Election Eve News Special. Now I’m watching the Chinese restaurant episode of Seinfeld and Mr. Interrupted is trying to wrangle the children by bribing them with Taco Bell food. To top it off, 3000+ words into my novel, I think I need to start over. I’m already bored with it. I mean, two of my main characters are eating cereal and talking about the National Enquirer, for crissakes! Although, I probably won’t change the plot, just the starting point and the voice (from 3rd person to 1st). How long does the flu last?

5 thoughts on “The Flu Strikes

  1. Maybe it was the morning television that made you sick. All those people make me want to barf. Well, except for Regis. He’s hilarious.

  2. I was told by a lady who had already had the flu that it lasts a week and a half – or at least, that’s how long she had it.
    I do not know how long it was that I had it. (Time was playing tricks on me and I came down with several other ailments during that period.)

    Happy knitting,

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