Yet another FO

This time, my first stranded knitting project. I completed the 2nd mitten the other night and I am, again, left wondering what made me think this project was taking too long.


Perhaps the braids? While they did take a while to work, the entire second mitten only took about 3 days worth of knitting once I’d set my mind to it.  Here’s what the inside looks like because I know some of you are into that kind of thing:

This pattern was a very entertaining knit, and I’ll definitely do it again. And what of stranded knitting? It is AWESOME! I can’t wait to do more, only right now I have to turn to Christmas knitting, so it’ll have to wait. Also, I wonder if I can knit a sweater in time for Rhinebeck…

7 thoughts on “Yet another FO

  1. Awesome! I bought a mitten pattern last night that has frogs on it. My Mom absolutely adores frogs, so I’m going to knit her a pair (hopefully) for Christmas.

  2. Very Very nice! I love the flower on the palm of the mitten. That is a really unique/nice touch for a stranded pattern.

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