Sweater Deathmatch, Round 4

We actually have been working on the sweater, intermittently and are very nearly finished with the waist shaping, but since we haven’t had as much time to work on it as we had hoped for (what with all the laundry and the orchestra and the making pancakes and such) there hasn’t been much progress on the sweater in recent days. We actually had to go back to the laundry mat today, if you can believe that, and tomorrow we have promised the children a trip to the aquarium. Further, on Saturday, dear Reader, your very own Interrupted Knitter is going to be teaching a class at the local yarn store! (We are both excited and nervous for that.). We had very much hoped for this sweater to have been defeated by now, but it truly appears that we shall have to wait until Sunday (at the very soonest!) to vanquish our foe.

As an aside, we wonder, dear reader, if it is very bad form for the instructor of a class to be utterly focused on finishing a project which is quite different from that which she is teaching. Are there any knitting instructors among our readership who have an answer?

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