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Because I’m a 20 Percenter


This evening was annual meeting of our condo’s Home Owner’s Association. Guess who’s the new, most unenthusiastic member of the condo board. Dudes, there was some serious peer pressure down there. Shit, man. And, to make the evening complete, guess who reluctantly agreed to be the board secretary when no one else would step forward. Damn you Vilfredo Pareto!!!

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Obligatory Sock Yarn Stash Photos

Well, the start of the Summer of Socks 2008 is just around the corner. Let’s see what we have in the ol’ stash, shall we?


(View the photo on Flickr to see my notes.)

You know, I really have no excuse not to be knitting socks right now. Also, I just realized that there are two balls of sock yarn not pictured. Heh…

And here it all is, tucked sweetly into my knitting basket, all set and ready to go.

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Single Hand Solitaire

The summer before I discovered knitting, our family spent a week at the Cape with my husband’s step-dad and sibs. We all had a wonderful time. During the day, we all did our own thing–we went to the beach, hung around the house and read, etc. It was all very very relaxing. Then, in the evening, the whole family would gather for dinner and then sit together in the fading summer light talking and hanging out until we were all too tired and had to retire to bed. Often a card game would break out. It was just great.

One afternoon, one of my sisters-in-law was playing a kind of solitaire. I watched her play for along time, trying to figure out the rules, but there didn’t seem to be any–it just looked like she was moving the cards from the deck in her hand to a pile on the table. When I finally asked, she was more than happy to teach me this game.

Start with a standard deck of playing cards with the jokers removed and shuffled thoroughly.

From the BACK of the deck,

deal yourself four cards by placing them face up on top of the deck.

The last four cards dealt are the cards in play. Compare the last card with the fourth card to the left. If they are neither the same suit or the same face value, do nothing and deal yourself another card. If they are the same face value, discard all four cards. If they are the same suit, remove the two cards between them:

Since four cards are always in play, deal yourself enough cards to be able to compare the last card dealt with the fourth card to the left:

Continue in this manner, flipping cards over from the back and comparing them as described

until all the cards have been dealt. The idea is to end up with five or fewer cards remaining in play.

You can read the wiki on this game here. This is a great game to play when space is limited, like on an airplane (if the TSA confiscates your needles, e.g.) or while waiting in the doctor’s office. It’s what I did until I learned how to became consumed by knitting.


Tolerable Wonkiness

With the Feather and Fan Cardigan teetering on the edge of a permanent time-out in the bottom of my knitting basket, I decided to push through last night and finally finish the bodice. It’s a miracle. Seriously. Although, it’s not much of a miracle considering the enormous mistake I discovered while lining up the edges and getting ready to start the seams. Luckily, it was something I was able to fix (kind of). So, while it’s not perfect, it’s good enough and I can live with that. Not bad, considering it’s my first adult-size sweater AND my first lace project.


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Whiskers on Wednesday 1

Jessi over at Alabama Fiber Dreams decided to host an official post-a-picture-of-your-cat day, and, since posting around here has been rather light as of late, I thought I’d go ahead and hop on the band wagon. And, you don’t have to have a knit blog to post, just a cat (or two). So Em? TAS? If you’re ever stuck for a post on a Wednesday, why not give it a try too?


I Knit, Therefore I Tink

I gave up sewing partly because I am just not good at following sewing patterns. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sewn a seam, thinking I’ve done it correctly, only to refer to the pattern for the next step and discover that I’ve done it completely WRONG! I swear, 90% of my sewing time was usually spent carefully picking out stitches with a seam-ripper.

It turns out that I’m not much better at following knitting patterns! I’m ready to stuff that Feather and Fan cardigan into the bottom of my knitting basket and cast on a pair of socks or a dishrag, but I’m so close to the end of the hard part that I can taste it. If I just hang in there for another knitting session or two I can get past the mind-boggling F&F section and into the mind-numbing stockinette section. But first I’ll have to tink back a few rows.

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It’s about time

I mean, seriously. Christ already.

6/4–edited to update the link.

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In which I piss of my TAS

My TAS thinks she started her own blog title thing and told me not to copy her. Well I am, today at least. Maybe the rest of the week. Ha! How’d you like them apples!