Oh Yeah!

I’m back baby!


If only I could turn it into REAL money

My blog is worth $11,290.80.
How much is your blog worth?

(Thanks to Wovenflame for the link!)


From the Trenches of Motherhood, Act III

(In the “things I never thought I’d say” category.)

I-6: Mo–om! E2 won’t stop pwning me!!

Me: E2, stop pwning your brother.

E2: Pew-pew-pew!!


(A consequence of marrying a gamer and making little gamer babies. I should mention that pwn is pronounced “poon” in our house, even though “pone” makes more sense.)

Doozer · Whiskers on Wednesday

Whiskers on, uh… Today, yeah!

I tried to get this in on time, but I am lame. Literally.

Doozer has been on the prowl today.

I’m not sure what exactly he’s looking for up there, but it’s probably this (known around these parts as kitty krak).


Timing is Everything.

This LOLcat from today was very timely.

more cat pictures