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Dear Spammer:

Not sure what your spam comment “japan is in crisis right now” on yesterday’s post is supposed to mean. Honestly, not every blog post in the blog-o-sphere can be about what is going on in Japan, and yes, I am well aware what is happening there. It’s among the first things I think about when I wake up, and again when I go to sleep. I think about it while I’m doing the dishes or the laundry and when I’m making dinner for my family. I think about how, in spite of technological advances that have extended the human lifespan and made it possible to sprawl over the face of this planet numbering in the billions, human life is so very fragile in the face of grand geological events. I think about how terrifying it must’ve been to be there and I think about all the people who’ve lost someone they love. I think about the Faceless 50 who are risking certain death in an attempt to prevent a full-scale meltdown at the Fukushima Plant. I think about the vastness of the universe and how very insignificant we really are and what queer creatures we are to even ponder our place in the cosmos.

So yeah. I know that Japan is in crisis now. As a blogger-not-in-Japan, I don’t necessarily have anything to say about it other than that my thoughts are with the people of Japan. An old friend of mine, who’s mother emigrated from Japan many years ago, still has extended family in Japan, and so my thoughts are with her and her mom too.

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