Promises Made, Promises Broken

I know that at the end of yesterday’s post I promised you some knitting content, and honestly, that was the plan. But then today happened. The kids and I met a friend and her kids at the park for a little geocaching and some fun in the cold, late-March Connecticut sun before we headed back to her house to hang out and chat while the kids did the same. Well, you know how it is, this friend and I get to talking and before we know it, it’s 630 pm and neither of us has done any of the other things that we needed to do today. You know, like make dinner and stuff. I also had to make a Target run and I’ve been trying to get over to the health food store for like 2 weeks. Anyway, by the time I packed up my stuff and my kids and ran over to Target and got home and found something to feed everyone and then get everyone showered and into bed, it was already 930. So yeah, today happened and not only did I not get any knitting do, but I also did not get any knit blogging done. Yes, fair Reader, I am making progress on my sweater and I actually hope to finish it by the end of the week. You’ll just have to wait until later to see it. But you know what? It’s totally worth the wait, because it is AWESOME.