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I finished Exfoliate!! last night.


Everytime I look at it, I want to shout “EXFOLIATE!” in my loudest and shrillest dalek voice. Also, I think the dalek bumps will make this cloth an excellent potscrubber. And what better punishment for the daleks than to set them to scrubbing dirty pots? Honestly, I don’t know.

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A Birthday Meme

I forgot to post this yesterday!

Go to the wiki entry for your birthday and post the following:

3 events:
1568  Mary Queen of Scots flees to england
1866 Root beer invented
1965 SpaghettiOs introduced

2 births
Pierce Brosnan

1 holiday
Middlesex Day

Happy birthday to me and long live SpaghettiOs!



It’s my birthday, yo!

Since I’ve been recovering from the flu, there was no partay this year. Sad but true. Cest la vie! I’m just glad I made it to my birthday without expiring from the hamthrax. w00t!!

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I Survived the Aporkalypse (probably).

I say probably because at no time was I tested for the H1N1 virus. That said, I did come down with influenza. Well, I assume that was the one which got me, and my doctor (with whom I spoke on the phone) agreed. Although it could have been the other, seasonal, flu which is also going around. I can tell you this, though. Having the flu sucks, but as far as flus go, this particular flu wasn’t all that horrific. I felt like I was hit by a truck, yes, but only for a day and a half or so. The rest of the week I felt like I was recovering–slowly getting better. So what did I do? I rested.

Check it out. I made another dishrag for my TAS:

I started a dishrag for myself:

And I finished my first handspun:

So, fear not the Hamthrax (or seasonal flu)! Most people who get it, like me, do not die.

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Happy Mother’s Day

This made the rounds last year, and I probably posted it then, too. But it’s funny as hell and well worth watching again.

Happy Mother’s Day, Y’all!


Sweater Killer

Remember this sweater? I finished it back in January. I loved this sweater.

Apparently, wool will felt just to spite you if the water you use for washing is too cold.

Lesson learned: lukewarm water for hand knits. Not cold.


It was a very early morning

One of the added advantages of co-sleeping with your kids is that you get a ring-side seat to early morning attacks of the stomach flu. Yay attachment parenting.