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Here’s a Thing

I heard about this project from Ellen at and Allison at SpinDyeKnit on this week’s “Resurgence of Knitting” hour of On Point w/ Tom Ashbrook. It’s the Warm Hats Not Hot Heads project.

[I] invite any and all knitters who would like to join in to knit a hat (sizing information here) for their own congressional representative, whether Senate or House.  Ask them to email me, perhaps send a photo or link to a Ravelry project, and let me know to whom a hat has been sent.  I can track who is being covered (literally!) and if anyone wants to knit more than one hat, they can send them to me and I’ll handle mailing them to a rep who hasn’t received one yet.

I will be knitting a hat for my Representative, Chris Murphy, and I might just make one for the Republican Mayor of my town (who’s twitter and FB feeds are often havens for Democrat bashing). Groups for the project can be found both on Ravelry and on Facebook. If you do participate, please be sure to email Ellen so she can check off your congress person. :-)

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TMI Thursday

Today I had a hysteroscopy and a polypectomy. Luckily I got to have an anesthetic which knocked me out for the duration of the procedure. I’m still feeling a little woozy, although that could be from the percocet I took when I got home. Heh heh heh … Anyway, I really like my gynecologist, for the most part. She’s funny and smart and extremely capable. She really seems like the kind of person I could be friends with IRL if, you know, she wasn’t in charge of keeping my lady business in tip-top fighting shape. So yeah, for the most part I really like her, except for one thing. She likes to use cutesy words for things. In the past she has referred to my labia as a “vajuzzsh” (I’m sorry, a labia is not a vagina!) and today she said she “cleared” a bit of “fluff” from “up in there”. Now, as humorous as it is to refer to body parts in a casual and silly way, part of me would really like it if my doctor used the correct terms for things. Maybe she doesn’t have to use the High Medical Greco-Roman terms, but really, I actually CAN understand words like “vagina” and “uterus” and “endometrial lining”. Because, now, as the medication is wearing off and I’m trying to reflect on that hazy conversation we had right after the procedure, I kind of would like to get on Google and educate myself about what’s happening to (and in) my body. It’s kind of difficult to do that if you don’t have the right words.

Language matters, people.

As a side note, my good friend Weaver hustled over here this afternoon with a batch of this carrot soup she made so I wouldn’t have to make dinner. Holy crap, it’s awesome. Thanks again, Weaver! <3

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Self Portrait Ski Mask

This post from Craftzine made me LOL:

Made on a hacked electric knitting machine. Make sure you check out the awesomely geeky video too!

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10 on Tuesday goes up to 11

It’s Tuesday again so you know what that means, fair reader! It’s meme day!  This week’s topic, from the ever lovely CaroleKnits, is 10 Favorite Non-Knitting Blogs. My list goes up to eleven. Eleven!!!!!11!!!!!!!

1. BipolarLawyerCook: She used to blog about being a lawyer, but has since mothballed her JD and taken a job in retail. Sometimes she posts poems. Also recipes. It’s always good.

2. Gluten Free Girl and the Chef: I started following her blog when I learned I was gluten intolerant (and likely have Celiac’s disease!). She writes beautifully and takes amazing pictures of food. What’s not to love?

3. Hyperbole and a Half: A kind of web comic, with funny stories told hilariously with silly pictures. If you’ve never read it, start here.

4. Kate Harding: Kate Harding is a feminist who used to blog about Fat Acceptance and other stuff at Shapely Prose. When SP had sort of run its course, she started a personal blog about fat and other lefty feminist issues. I enjoy her writing very much.

5. Lesson’s Learned: My Totally Awesome Sister’s blog is really fantastic (when she’s blogging) and her posts never cease to make me proud to be her sister. Furthermore, I would read her blog even if I weren’t her sister.

6. My Cat is a Jerk: This is a blog that was really hilarious for a while but has gone quiet for a few months. You could probably read all 34 reasons in under an hour and laugh your ass off. Maybe she’ll even do another post one day.

7. Sleep Talkin’ Man: Adam’s nighttime ramblings recorded and posted on the blog by his wife Karen. Seriously? Best idea EVER.

8. The Rejectionist: LeR used to work for a literary agent (I think), rejecting author queries, but she very recently “did that thing which you should never, ever, ever do”. She quit her day job to write a book! Also, she’s a fabulous writer and her blog makes me laugh.

9. Tiger Beatdown: Another leftist feminist blog, well written. Team Tiger Beatdown is on top of the important issues.

10. Two Whole Cakes: A Fat Acceptance feminist blog, extremely well written. Lesley, is smart, funny, and sarcastic. Also, she’s fat. Sometimes her posts are a bit teal for my poor ADHD addled brain, but I still enjoy them very much. She also does a podcast with another Fat Acceptance blogger (TheRotund) which never ceases to educate and entertain.

11. Bonus! Whatever: John Scalzi is the author of Old Man’s War (if you haven’t read this series, GO NOW). His blog is funny, moving, and just an all around damn fine blog.

Not a bad list, and only one blog which has gone quiet over the last few months. You can read current posts from the feeds of  all my favorite bloggers over in the side bar (just scroll down).

Happy Tuesday to all!

holiday cheer

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Holes in my Soles.

I never got around to putting slipper bottoms on my clogs and after 3 months of nearly constant wear, I have worn holes into the soles. (No pictures, though, it’s too late for anything decent). So now the question is not “should” I make another pair, but when? On one hand, spring is just around the corner. (Isn’t it? Please tell me spring is just around the corner.) I could just wait until the weather turns cold next fall. However, on the other hand, there’s still about 20 inches of snow on the ground. I remember now that I had a lot of knitting them and that when I was at the craft store the other day, I just happened to pick up a couple of balls of Paton’s Classic wool for just this purpose. Decisions, decisions…


No Time to Blog!

I am literally running out the door with the kids to a playdate in Kingston (yes, near Rhinebeck!). We won’t be back until late and I wanted to show you the finished Baktus!


I finished up yesterday while watching the coverage of Egypt. It’s not as ruffly as I’d hoped, but I love it anyway! Now I’m off! Toodle-oo!

Current Events


HE DID IT! Mubarak finally did it. The video out of Egypt right now is just amazing. One commenter said “I finally feel like anything is possible.” I don’t know what the future may bring for Egypt’s people and how the US will relate to the Middle East going forward, but right now I’m celebrating with them!

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Goddamnit, Mubarak

Dear Mr. Mubarak:

The images and video out of Egypt’s Tahrir square continue to captivate and amaze me. I spent most of the afternoon waiting for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, anticipating along with everyone else that you would be stepping down today, only to learn that you are stubbornly remaining in power. Do you not see the thousands upon thousands of people rallying outside your door? Have you not learned the lessons of history and what happens to despots when they are violently deposed? You must know that the longer you wait, the worse it will be for you and for the people of Egypt. I implore you, PLEASE, don’t be a jerk.



a stream of consciousness post

Today is one of those days where I am really only posting because I promised that I would. Earlier we met with other members of our homeschooling group for a bit of sledding and I am right now actively avoiding the dishes and making dinner. Tonight I have the first rehearsal for the spring concert and I am dead tired. Also my internet is not working properly and I should probably restart my computer. My feet are cold and my fingers and the rest of me is cold too even though I am wearing woolen slippers and a sweater and hand mitts. Perhaps a hat would help? I think my thyroid level may be off because in addition to the intolerance to cold I have been unusually abrupt with the kids which makes me sad. I don’t like feeling like I’m yelling at them all the time. Most of the time it’s not even their fault. So yeah, I’m only posting here because I promised I would and I’m not even attempting to come up with a topic. Well,  I did attempt to for a while, and I even poked and prodded the depths of the internet for some material, but honestly, I got nothing. Oh, there is one thing. I worked on my Baktus scarf last night and I was thinking how quickly the second half of it goes because the rows are getting shorter and shorter and I suddenly became afraid that I was decreasing too frequently because the rows were going so quickly. I don’t think that I was, though. That’s just how fast the back side of that knit goes. I hope to be finished with it in a couple of days. I even brought it with me to the sledding event, but it was far too cold to get out my knitting so I just sat and drank Chai instead.

Is 300 stream of consciousness words enough? Or should I shoot for 500? Well, now it’s 530 pm and I only have an hour and a half to do the dishes, make some sort of food which I shall loosely term “dinner” and get ready for orchestra. I guess a little over 350 is going to have to do it.