Dreams are Weird

True story: I had a really crazy dream this morning wherein I was hanging out with the Yarn Harlot and a bunch of other knitterly-type people (Hi Deb!) but instead of knitting, we were all sitting at a table, trying to put together this strange and extremely complicated wooden puzzle. We were having a great time, though. I would totally do that in real life.

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Oh my goodness. Sometimes I really feel as though I am not interesting enough to keep up with this post a day thing. My life is so very ordinary. For example, I’m so bloody tired today, so much that I am starting to wonder if I’m ill or if it’s just the weather. (Did you know it is snowing here today? We’re expected to get at least a couple of inches, plus some ice too!) The fatigue is pretty bad, actually. I am tired at 9 pm in spite of a full 10 hours of sleep and I just can’t seem to shake it. (Although here I am, still up at 11 pm. …) Anyway, when this fatigue is wearing me down, every little thing takes an enormous effort and I end up just sitting still for most of the day. Which, honestly doesn’t make for very interesting blogging. I’m sorry, Dear Reader, I’m trying. Really I am. But I am too tired today to think of ways to make tales of going to the dentist followed by a trip to Trader Joe’s sound interesting. Have a nice night, Dear Reader. Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting/interesting.


Banana Bread, Gluten Free

I made the most amazing banana bread today, born of this recipe from Gluten Free Girl. Mine had a basic flour blend (using the proportions she lists on that very recipe). I threw in a little almond flour for good measure and used about 5 of the frozen bananas (thawed) that I have had hanging out in my freezer for who knows how long and I used both brown sugar and white sugar. I literally dumped (well, scaled) everything into a bowl and hit it with my mixer before pouring it into a loaf pan. (One of the great things about gluten-free cooking is that you don’t have to worry about over mixing!) Then I popped it into a 350° oven until the internal temperature of the bread was about 210° (you can use the toothpick method though). In the future, I might use a little more flour to compensate for the extra liquid from the bananas, but really? It wouldn’t need much.

om nom nom!

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Sweater Deathmatch, Round 5

One sleeve completed, one cast on. I forgot how quickly the knitting goes. Given today’s weather, I should have enough time to finish it. This is the weather we woke up to on the first full day of Spring:

Never let it be said that Mother Nature is without a sense of humor.

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Time Management Fail

So yup. It’s nearly 9 pm and there isn’t enough light left for a decent photo of the sleeve of my sweater. Which I totally have been working on, like ALL DAY. I swear. No, really.


Hey, look what I found on the Internet today!

It’s the Vlogbrothers! They’re pretty fucking cool if you haven’t seen them yet. Hank’s explanation of the nuclear disaster in Japan is excellent.

Speaking of the nuclear disaster in Japan, XKCD has a really interesting info graphic up, although at least one person I showed it to today thought it was too complicated. She called it a tc;dl. Hrm.

My mother-in-law just emailed me this movie:

That little girl deserves an Oscar. She reminds me of one of my favorite Ray Bradbury stories, actually (spoilers at the link, fyi).

Lastly, try to forget the chilling Ray Bradbury tale and watch this, the cutest thing on the Internet FOREVER AND EVER:


Random Because it’s Almost Midnight

1. Supermoon is super! Go outside and look!

2. This recipe for tapioca pudding is quite good. Tempering eggs is tricky but it so worth it. Om nom nom.

3. I taught my second sock class today! We learned how to make a short row heel. It went great! Next week is the super stretchy cast off and then they graduate!

4. Tomorrow? Shopping, possibly. Or maybe just chilling out. It’s been a long week and I have very little knitting to show for it. (Although I did get a lot of knitting done at the LYS today. Pictures tomorrow!)

5. Now gerroffa my lawn you kids! I’m tryin’ to watch Community!!! (On Hulu.) BYE!


too busy, can’t blog

I have so much to do before bed and it’s already 9 o’clock! See you tomorrow!